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Simpull (no lube) solutions for commercial & residential wiring. Industrial and mining cable.  MC, Flex, Liquidtite, Cord  products.
Electrical Metallic Tubing, Intermediate Metallic Conduit, Galvanized Rigid Conduit.  Colored EMT and Aluminum Rigid conduit offered
Industry leader in meter mounting equipment and enclosures. Meter sockets/combos,disconnects, pedestals, NES approved Tap Boxes
Southwire acquires ProBuilt Professional Lighting.  Unique and innovative lighting for jobsites
Industry leader in audible and visual signaling. LED Flashing and strobe.  Hazardous and explosive applications
Plant wide communications and EVAC
Division of Southwire.  Innovative tools for wire and cable installation. Cable pullers, feeders, stands, portable tables, cable grips, hole making
Aluminum Conduit, Stainless Steel Conduit and fittings.  EMT and Rigid Elbows, Customs.  Outstanding Service
Standard and Hazardous location fittings, Alum and Iron. Enclosures, LED and fluorescent lighting, Controls for Hazardous environments
HPDE and Polymer concrete enclosures for Grade level and above grade pedestals, for electric/CATV/Street
CADWELD Molds and welding material, Cadweld Plus, One Shot and Excelon low. Critec Surge Protection for residential, commercial and industrial
LED retrofit lamps for HID up to 400watt
Low bay/high bay/wall pack/parking lot
post tops.  Keep your fixture/change the lamp
Aluminum ladder tray and accessories
Stocked in Atlanta for 5-7 day delivery.
High quality at  job competitive prices
Electricians hand tools.  Meters, fish tapes,benders, cutters, all-in-ones.
High quality backed by the Southwire name
Basket-type cable tray / one-tool install
powder coat colors.  Safety and protective wire guards.
Portable lighting for harsh and hazardous areas.  Temp lighting, electric cord reels. Static reels, GFCI's cord sets, cable protectors
Complete line of PPE clothing, tools and accessories.  For compliance with industry and government standards including NFPA70E.
Firestopping products for electrical and datacom.  EZ PATH zero maintenance
Isolated power panels.  Laser and X-Ray isolated power panels.  Line Isolation Monitors.  Lab-Link raceway

Since 1983, ESA has been delivering solutions through innovative products and value-driven services from our trusted manufacturing partners

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

5213 Linbar Drive Ste 409
Nashville, TN. 37211
Phone: 615.242.2774
Toll Free: 800.647.1598
Fax: 615.242.2791
Southern Pipe is a leading manufacturer of PVC products and conduit.
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