Electrical Sales Associates (ESA) is an electrical manufacturer’s representative sales agency serving the Southeast for more than 38 years. ESA employs 20 talented associates, led by its principal; Chris Templeton. With command centers located in Nashville, Tennessee Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.

Best People

We have people here who are going to ask the great questions and truly listen to what we need to know in order to help our customers achieve success. We have a great inside and outside sales team that will work with integrity and go out of their way to help with what our customers want to accomplish.

SAM BRADENOutside Sales
Years in Business: 3
Territory: South Alabama and Florida Panhandle
Kirby Sprewell
Kirby SprewellInside Sales
Years in Business: 5
Amanda Northrup
Amanda NorthrupInside Sales
Years in Business: 6
Territory: North Alabama and Tennessee
Fred Braden
Fred BradenOutside Sales
Years in Business: 20
Territory: Tennessee
Randy Hackett
Randy HackettOutside Sales
Years in Business:25
Nicholas Sadler
Nicholas SadlerInside Sales
Years in Business: 1
Charles Payne
Charles PayneOutside Sales
Years in Business: 26
Territory: Tennessee, North Alabama
David Sandlin
David SandlinOutside Sales
Years in Business:23
Territory: North Alabama
Chris Templeton
Chris TempletonPrincipal
Years in Business:25
Territory: Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia
Brad Lynn
Brad LynnInside Sales
Years in Business:15
Territory: Tennessee
Josh Masters
Josh MastersOutside Sales
Years in Business: 21
Territory: Georgia
Shawn Johnson
Shawn JohnsonOutside Sales
Years in Business: 23
Territory: South Georgia
Mark Bardenwerper
Mark BardenwerperOutside Sales
Years in Business: 7
Territory: Georgia
Cindy Sandlin
Cindy SandlinInside Sales
Cody Smith
Cody SmithOutside Sales
Years in Business: 10
Territory: North Georgia
Ashley Hooper
Ashley HooperInside Sales
Years in Business: 13
Territory: Georgia
Melissa Thomason
Melissa ThomasonInsides Sales
Years in Business:13
Territory: South Alabama and Florida Panhandle
Ron Williams
Ron WilliamsOutside Sales
Years in Business: 24
Anthony Byrd
Anthony ByrdOutside Sales
Years in Business:20
Territory: North and South Carolina

Our Mission

ESA’s mission is to be the best. We strive to deliver profitable growth in the markets we cover for the manufacturers and customers we serve by providing exceptional customer service and best-in-industry knowledge. We earn experience by getting our hands dirty. ESA is committed to providing a safe and exceptional workplace for our associates, which will lead to superior returns to our owners and stakeholders. We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and the belief that the following values are fundamental to our success.

  • Best People: These motivated employees will deliver superior results for our customers. Our people will be professional, responsive, and attentive to detail with an eagerness to solve problems.

  • Partnerships: Building lasting partnerships is at the core of ESA’s successand we will continue to seek loyal partnerships with the manufacturers we represent and the electrical distributors, contractors, and engineers that we serve.  

  • Strategy Alignment: We will establish strategies and tactics that align with the manufacturers we representand the electrical distributors, contractors, and engineers that we serve

  • Embracing Technology and Training: We will seek out and utilize leading edge technology to manage information to the best advantage of our manufacturers, customers, and company.


ESA Territories


Working with Electrical Sales Associates is the best!  I really enjoy making joint sales call with ESA’s Associates and experiencing the strong relationships they have with both Contractors and Distributors.

Jerry Nania, Basor Electric




7:00am – 5:00pm




7:00am – 5:00pm